Personalised Civil Ceremony Gifts

Choose from our range of Civil Ceremony Gifts and you will have the perfect present for any romantic union. Two people do not have to get married in church to make their day important, so make sure you share in the joy by getting your gift just right. Select from the variety of ideas on our site and you can make any Civil Ceremony celebration that little bit more special.
  1. Personalised Square Compact Mirror - Initials
  2. Personalised Pint Tankard - Wedding
  3. Personalised White Wooden Heart Sign - Big Initials
  4. Personalised White Wooden Heart Sign - Happily Ever After
  5. Personalised Slate Message Board
  6. Personalised Glass & Gin Set
  7. Personalised Shot Glass & Jagermeister Set - Cough Syrup
  8. Personalised Shot Glass & Jagermeister Set - Message
  9. Personalised Glass & Vodka Set- Wedding Male
  10. Personalised Glass & Jagermeister Set - Emergency Shot
  11. Personalised Glass & Wine Set - World's Greatest
  12. Personalised Cut Glass Tumblers - Initials
  13. Personalised Cut Glass Tumblers - Wedding Day
  14. Personalised Cut Glass Message Tumblers
  15. Personalised Large Wedding Classic Frame Box
  16. Engraved Slate Placemats - Classic Bow Tie
  17. Engraved Slate Placemats - Love Heart
  18. Personalised Ceramic Heart Keepsake - Classic Frame