UK Wedding Trends 2016

As Kate and William are well and truly over the honeymoon period and it doesn’t look like Harry is going to settle any time soon, the wedding trends for 2016 are unlikely to be set by royalty. Instead, the main inspiration for this year’s styles comes from celebs. And, as we have seen in previous years when the celebrities take over, anything can happen.

Make It Your Own

From A list to Z list, love them or hate them, one thing is for sure, celebrity weddings are definitely unique. From the circus that surrounded Katie Price and Peter Andre to the spectacle Kim Kardashian and Kanye decided to throw. All of these weddings have one thing in common. They represent the personalities of the individuals involved. And that is exactly what your wedding should do.

It’s not about a formal occasion where everyone falls asleep, it’s about entertainment, energy and making sure everyone goes away with at least one part of your wedding they will never forget.

Who’s Looking at Who?

Usually, the most important part of a wedding is the bride’s wedding dress. She is, after all, the centre of the attention …. isn’t she? Well in 2016, that might not quite be the case. In fact, for the many celebrity weddings, we have already seen this year, the guests have been trying to upstage the bride every step of the way. And in a lot of cases, they have managed it too.

We’ve seen guests in barely there dresses trying to capture all the attention. Who could forget the little black number Kim Kardashian wore (or rather didn’t) to the wedding of long-time friend Dave Grutman and Isabela Rangel. Or your own bridesmaid could be the talk the day in classic Pippa Middleton style.

One thing is for sure, if the bride wants to stay centre of attention at their own wedding, they’ve got a lot to live up to.

The Most Popular Wedding Dresses of 2016

Sadly for all those demure brides-to-be out there, the celebrity inspiration means the lady of the moment is going to have to go all out to make sure she stays up with the latest styles.

Plunging necklines, feathers and three-dimensional accessories are making their way into the wedding shops ready for you to choose from.

Lace is taking a major lead when it comes to the material of the moment. But with many brides using it for a sheer outfit, rather than as a top layer, you’ve got to have the body to wear it.

Tule is also very popular, and a great way to create that ‘barely there’ look without giving anything away.

Or if you are a prouder of your legs than the rest of your body, think Angelina Jolie thigh high split, or even (dare we say it) Katie Price mini skirt style. It’s a great way to offer some show of skin yet still keep your dignity intact.

For those that opt for a more traditional ceremony, a two piece effect is right on trend. That way you can have a dress which is as revealing as you like. But with the additional bodice gives you some coverage for that special moment.

As with the décor, metallics are everywhere in bridal fashion this year, especially in the make-up. This will ensure that every wedding photo is going to be a battle to the finish to see who looks the best.

Hit the Bling

For the most fashionable wedding décor in 2016, metallics have got to make an appearance, no matter what type of theme you choose. The more natural wedding will opt for soft golds and bronzes that integrate with a more organic styling. While those who want things bright and bold can opt for a shiny gold for everything from corsages in the tuxedos to tableware.

But though metals are hot, silver is most definitely not. So unless you are going for an all-out retro space theme for your big day, keep the shiny stuff full of colour.

Let There Be Light

… but only good light.

2016 is not about making things bright, but making things romantic. And lighting will play a key part in this.

Long gone are the days when you could just add a few candles and call it art. Now it is about creative lighting that will enhance the atmosphere and encourage just the right mood.

As more people marry later in the day, chandeliers, fairy lights and drop down bulbs in soft, warm shades are very popular. But even for the most organic themed wedding, make sure environmentally friendly bulbs don’t put you in a bad light. Bright bold lights for the sake of the planet are a definite no, no. So maybe, just for a day, you can think more about yourself than saving the world.

A Floral Epiphany

After years of bright flowers and dramatic arrangements, the floral theme for 2016 weddings is far more natural. The most fashionable bouquets will be a simple and all white with all the interest coming from the type of flowers used, rather than the colour.

For the most stylish bride of 2016 there are no roses or lilies in their hands, instead its white peonies, moonflowers, or the beautiful lisianthus used by Amal Alamuddin.

If you do want to incorporate some colour in your flower arrangements add a splash in one single area, rather than dotting them all around. Or incorporate a collection of herbs, spices or even coffee beans that give added texture as well as fabulous contrast.

On the tables, the same theme is followed. Low key, delicate and simply beautiful. But as with all things wedding in 2016, no two have to be the same. Instead, change either the shape, colour or type of flowers used in each arrangement. This ensures the design doesn’t get boring, yet it still keeps in with your theme.

A Twist on the Personalised Cocktail

Though 2015 was all about the personalised cocktail, it seems that brides and groom moving into the next season just don’t want to let go of this trend. Instead, it seems that this year’s newlyweds are going one step further and making the wedding cocktail a tradition that is here to stay.

For some happy couples, simply creating two cocktails, one for each of the pair is enough to update the trend. For others, they want to go further and make their cocktails even cooler – by freezing them for their guests.

Adult popsicles are the theme of the day, made with your favourite alcoholic drink. But with all that dripping ice around, your guests are going to have to make sure they don’t incur any unsightly spills.

Make the Cake Stand Out

When it comes to eye catching food, the wedding cake is taking an even bigger turn. For 2016, brides want the art deco giant that George Clooney gave his new Mrs. Or the meringue style mountain that Jamie Lynn Spears was able to serve to her guests.

There are no unobtrusive three tiers sitting in the corner of a fashionable 2016 wedding. At this type of event the cake is big, it’s bold and totally original. This type of cake will say more about your wedding than almost any other part. So make sure yours is something to remember.

Picture Perfect

And to cap it all, the photos for 2016 are likely to be as photo shopped as if they were in Glamour magazine. With most wedding photographers now offering touch up services, it’s no wonder so many brides are looking better in their photos than they did on the big day. But 2016 can take it even further.

Thanks to the likes of SnapChat, you don’t have to be a professional photographer to make your photos look good. And with almost everyone in possession of at least one smart phone, don’t be surprised if your wedding photos are released online before the ceremony is even finished.

But one thing that is not cool for 2016, is getting fussy about it. There’s no more Brad and Jennifer banning your guests from taking their phones. 2016, is about glamour, excitement and getting your face out there. So just make sure your wedding is one you want to show off.

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