Top 10 Trends We’re Predicting for 2018 Weddings

Top 10 Trends We’re Predicting for 2018 Weddings

It may not feel much like it right now, but summer 2018 is just around the corner and that means that we’re only a few months from this year’s peak wedding season. If you’re planning your own big day or have RSVP’d to your fair share of invites already, you might just be interested to know what trends we’re expecting to capture the imagination of this year’s soon-to-be newlyweds.

Industrial Loft-Style Venues

This one may seem a little strange at first but bear with us and you’ll see why modern, industrial type venues are going to be all the rage for weddings in 2018. Such edgy, cool, venues are really on trend and are sure to mean that any and every guest will always remember the big day. What’s more, the more minimalist and sparsely decorated a venue at the outset, the more opportunity the bride and groom have to go to town and make the space their own.

Marvellous Metallic Decorations

Sure to fit perfectly with the above style of venue, contemporary and striking metallic decorations are also set to play a big part in weddings this year. Copper looks set to be a particular favourite with fashion-forward couples, and can make for a great material for candle holders, lanterns, cutlery and even chairs for guests.

Sensational See-Through Elements

A 2018 wedding trend that can – and surely will – be applied to loads of different areas of ceremonies and receptions, stylish see-throughs work to give any event a modern and minimalist feel. Taking the idea to its full extent, glass marquees or greenhouses look set to be popular wedding venues this year, whilst Perspex or other translucent materials can also be used to create cool, clean lines throughout any venue’s decorations.

Alternative Food & Drink

For a long time couples planning their wedding have been largely constricted by tradition when it comes to the food and drink they offer. Three course, sit down meals have always been viewed as the norm and certain menu choices tend to recur wedding after wedding. In 2018, however, newlyweds are likely to throw off those shackles of tradition and start offering the food and drink that they truly love. If you’re attending a wedding this year, expect to see quirkier menu items and maybe even a food van or two.

Striking yet Simple Bouquets

Brides walking down the aisle in 2018 are predicted to shun those large, formal bouquets which have been the norm and strike out in a more individual direction. Smaller posy style bouquets are expected to make a long-awaited comeback, as are more free-form bouquets with less regimented arrangement. Alongside the return of those types of bouquet, too, more adventurous 2018 brides might just opt for sensational single colour bouquets which can’t fail but turn their guests’ heads.

Innovative Floral Décor

As well as shaking up the norm when it comes to bouquets, brides and grooms in 2018 are also likely to add more innovative and exciting floral arrangements to the décor of their chosen wedding venues. Foliage-only displays on reception tables or in ceremony venues are expected to be popular this year, as are other more unique décor options. Those may include hanging installations or so-called ‘living bars’ which incorporate beautiful natural plants and foliage into the actual structure of the venue’s bar.

Delightful Dessert Tables

We’ve already talked about how 2018’s newlyweds are likely to change up the food and drink options at their wedding receptions, but one particular feature that’s set to be a key part of that process is the dessert table. Rather than offering one or two dessert options from a set menu, a dessert table lets a new bride and groom really experiment with the desserts they offer to their guests and which they can of course enjoy themselves.

Coloured Dresses

The theme of abandoning or at the very least tweaking tradition has persisted throughout our predicted trends for 2018 weddings, and it looks set to play a prominent role when it comes to wedding dresses too. Where classic white dress options have been most in vogue of late, more brides this year are predicted to add splashes of colour to make their dress more unique. Stylish black accents and fabulous floral adornments are certain to feature highly in 2018, as will bold coloured dresses.

Uniquely Chic Cakes

Borrowing from some of the broader trends which we’ve already talked about, plainer white wedding cakes look set to be widely replaced this year by cakes with metallic or floral decorations. What’s more, marbled cakes are also predicted to be a firm favourite with newlyweds in 2018, as are cakes utilising attractive and modern textural designs.

New Twists on Stationery

Unless you’ve actually planned a wedding you’ve probably not given much thought to the stationery involved, but those who are arranging their big day in 2018 are predicted to really go to town on their invites and place cards. Innovative and attractive new materials such as fabrics and plastics are set to play a prominent role and real pressed flowers are also likely to be used by some adventurous brides and grooms to adorn their invitations.

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