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Tips for Planning a Romantic Boho Wedding

For any loved up bride and groom, their wedding day is the most special day of their lives and is a day they want to be just perfect. An ideal theme is a great way to bring the look and feel of a wedding day together and to make sure that it truly is a day that everyone who attends will remember forever. A boho wedding is an enduringly popular theme that might be just right for you, but what exactly is it?
The ‘boho’ part of the phrase boho wedding is a contraction of the word bohemian. A bohemian is defined as a ‘socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts’ and synonyms of the word include ‘free spirit’, ‘creative’ and ‘avant-gardist’. A bohemian or boho wedding, therefore, is one typified by a relaxed, unconventional and free spirited atmosphere.
If that sounds like exactly the kind of wedding you and your other half are looking for, the following handy tips can help to point you in the right direction. Remember, though, the whole point of a boho wedding is to be quirky, eclectic and unique, so you absolutely shouldn’t treat any of these tips as hard and fast rules.

Go Outdoors or Unconventional for a Venue

Boho weddings are all about being relaxed and carefree. A formal or traditional venue, then, would completely jar with that entire idea. Instead, a better way to go is to look at the possibility of an outdoor wedding or a venue which is unique and meaningful to you and your partner.
When it comes to outdoor settings for boho weddings, cliff tops, beaches, and woodland areas are all popular and beautiful options. What’s more, any one of those potential venues can then be used to influence and shape the other elements of your big day – but more on that later.
If you don’t think that a wedding open to the elements is for you, almost any relaxed, indoor venue can also lend itself ideally to a boho theme. The most important thing is that you and your partner love it and put your heart and soul into its décor.

Think Free Form & Relaxed for your Décor

Boho wedding
The bohemian lifestyle is one which embraces creativity, beauty and non-conformism and it’s those things which make it just perfect as a theme for wedding décor. You and your partner can forget about fussy, matched decoration and simply go wild with free form touches and embellishments to create a relaxed, care-free vibe.
Embracing nature is a key tenet of the boho style, so decorating your venue with loads of natural elements is one way to go. Beautiful wild flowers, verdant green foliage and other natural elements like berries and twine can all be combined in table decorations, hanging displays, and other adornments.
Away from the natural world, another classical boho way to go in terms of décor is to look to create an ethereal, stylish theme. Elements like dreamcatchers, feathery displays, and elaborate doilies can all play a key role in creating that kind of boho bonanza.

Favour Comfortable, Loose & Flowing Outfits

Boho style doesn’t lend itself to over-elaborate, princess-style wedding dresses. It does, however, let blushing brides wear equally beautiful, romantic and delicate flowing dresses which anyone who sees them is sure to remember forever.
Fabrics such as organza and lace are ideal choices for boho style dresses which can then be personalised and made your own in almost any way you desire. Boho, after all, is all about breaking the mould, so why not shun a plain white dress for something which better represents your own style? Tassels, beaded designs, and floral patterns are all popular and attractive ways to make a boho dress even more special.
Once you have your dream dress, you’ll want to pair it with the perfect footwear. Classical, formal shoes don’t really fit the bill but you do still have a number of gorgeous alternatives. Many boho brides, in fact, choose to go barefoot with anklets or braided ribbons, or simply opt for a pair of simple sandals. The relaxed, free-spirited boho style can extend to the groom and other members of the wedding party, too.
Rather than a restrictive, potentially boring wedding suit, a boho groom might opt for a light, linen number or even shun the idea of a suit entirely and simply wear a casual white shirt or other comfortable outfit. There’s no reason, either, why the bridesmaids or the ushers ought to wear matching gear. In fact, a mixed and matched approach is far more eclectic, alternative and boho.

Embrace the Wildness of Nature with your Flowers

Wedding flowers
If your aisle is on a beach, on a clifftop or in the woods, it simply makes sense for your bouquet and other flowers to reflect the natural beauty of your surroundings. Boho bouquets, therefore, are best kept unstructured and loose so as to produce an organic, just picked feeling.
Wild flowers, twine, and berries are popular choices for such bouquets but their exact makeup can be fluid and tailored to suit both your individual tastes and the overall colours and themes you’ve chosen for your wedding décor.
As well as a beautiful, natural bouquet, a floral crown for the bride is a quintessential boho wedding element. Best twinned with a simple, unfussy hairdo, the crown can be as big and bold or simple and understated as you like but either way is certain to perfectly set off your outfit.

Extending the Theme

The whole idea of having a wedding theme is to tie everything together and give your big day a unified look and feel. A final reason why boho is such a popular theme is that it provides loads of options for any and every wedding element.
Boho wedding cakes, for instance, are generally naked or semi-naked, unfussy affairs which can then be made exquisite by the addition of wildflower, berry or metallic embellishments. Invitations to a boho wedding, meanwhile, can utilise casual wording, floral patterns, and even unconventional materials to ideally match the occasion’s overall theme.

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