10 Top Tips to Make Your Christmas Wedding Stand Out

10 Top Tips to Make Your Christmas Wedding Stand Out

With the spirit of the season already in the air, having your wedding at Christmas offers the perfect opportunity to make your special day truly magical.

Here are our favourite ideas for making your Christmas wedding special, and ensuring your day is one that everyone will remember.


  1. Follow Santa Himself

Not only does a white fur trim on the big red suit look absolutely stunning, it could also be the finishing touch to your wedding outfit.

Fur is everywhere this winter – just the fake version of course. And after the Duchess of Cambridge showed us how to wear a bridal bolero, who are we to resist.

Give the bridesmaids a coordinating jacket and your entire wedding party will look like they’ve just stepped out of the festive edition of Vogue. In your photos, nothing is going to look better than a cute little flower girl with her own fluffy hand muff to match.

You don’t even have to stop at the white fur. What about injecting a splash of that bright red spirit into the occasions too. A touch of kirsch in the bubbly will get everyone in the mood, or a bright red bouquet is all the rage right now.


  1. Go With the Fairies

If there is one thing that will make sure your wedding sparkles, its lots of fairy lights. And we mean LOTS.

Have them everywhere. Up the aisle as you say your vows, in bowls or vases on the reception table. You can decorate internal trees for a magical wonderland effect or use them to trim curtains and doorways at the reception and to line every path you intend to walk along.

Fairy lights are a much safer alternative to candles – especially with all those flowing dresses around. But they can look just as elegant.

Remember to stick with the ice white bulbs throughout your theme. A rainbow of different colours could throw off your wedding off before you’ve even said ‘I Do’.


  1. Let Them Eat Cake

If you don’t like the taste or the cost of traditional fruit cake at a wedding, Christmas offers a brilliant opportunity to add your own flavour to the proceedings.

Consider using a Christmas Pudding for your centre piece. When it comes to light it, everyone is going to be impressed. Or how about offering your guests a delicious chocolate log instead. Sprinkle a little icing sugar over the top to add a little snow and you have the perfect festive effect and a delicious desert at the same time.


  1. Have the Fairy Tale

Do you dream of getting married in a dress that looks like it has come straight off of the set of Frozen? Now you can with a range of wedding dresses that are actually based on our favourite literary heroines.

Wedding dress designer Alfred Angelo has designed the dresses to suit Cinderella, Princess Jasmine, Bella and Ariel. But more importantly there are dresses for Elsa and Tiana that make you look like the leading lady at any Christmas wedding.

It’s the perfect way to make all your dreams come true. All on one very special day.


  1. Treat Your Guests

Christmas is a time for giving, so what better way to create original favours for a Christmas themed wedding than by giving a little back.

Hessian sacks tied with a satin bow provide the perfect table present and can then be filled with almost anything. Truffles, traditional almonds, homemade chocolates or even festive candy canes will all look super-cute in these little delivery bags.

Or if you want your favours to be extra special, why not give each guest a little gift box with their own favourite sweets or little trinket inside. It will ensure every Christmas they are home opening their presents, they will remember your big day.


  1. Crown It Off With Berries

Berries are a wonderful homage to the Christmas season, whether you add them to your bouquet or use them to decorate your room.

But as its Christmas, you also get to wear them as a crown on your head. It’s an up to the minute alternative to the traditional tiara, and a more environmentally friendly solution too.


  1. Let it Snow

You may not want to go the whole hog and hire a snow machine – frankly many venues won’t let throw frozen water everywhere anyway. But there are many other ways to make your venue glisten.

Sugar or salt frosting on the top of champagne glasses pays homage to a Christmas theme, along with a traditional mince pie on the guests’ arrival.

Add a little icing sugar to the top of the desert to provide the seasonal effect and add a little fake snow to the edges of windows and doors.

If it’s cold outside then replace the traditional welcome drink with a delicious mulled wine. Not only will it warm everyone and get them ready for a really good celebration. It will also fill the air with the beautiful essence of Christmas getting everybody in the mood to celebrate.


  1. Pay Homage to Austria

If you haven’t got the time or the budget to take everyone to a traditional Austrian food market for your wedding, why not bring the Austrian food market to you.

Stand hanging pretzels on the tables, roast chestnuts in the corner. Or go the whole way and serve bratwurst for your wedding breakfast.

There are many local Austrian food markets available for hire for your wedding that could bring classic style to your dream day.


  1. Its Music to Your Ears

If you don’t want the theme to frozen being the soundtrack to your wedding, and Christmas songs just won’t hit the spot, think choral for your wedding music. Alternatively, go back to the Austrian theme for a good old traditional German band that will get the party started.

The music for a Christmas themed wedding should be simple, classical and reminiscent of the years gone past. But when everyone has eaten and they are ready for a boogie, make sure the DJ is on hand so that your guests can dance until dawn.


  1. Don’t Forget the Sparkle

Mixing Christmas with your own wedding is going to create magic like nothing else, so make sure you have the sparkle to show it.

Think ice shine jewellery, nail varnish and a glistening finish to your cheeks.

Fairy dust and glitter will decorate your tables with style. Keep it white, keep it sharp and keep it clean.

You can get away with more bling at Christmas than you can at any other time of the year, so opt for sparkly shoes, sequinned dresses for the bridesmaids and even a few Swarovski crystals for your own outfit.

With just a few magical touches you can make every part of your wedding shine and ensure you have a day no one will ever forget.

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